Cradle Mountain & the Walls of Jerusalem

My 16 year old son and I have just finished the Cradle Mountains & Walls of Jerusalem walk and, while driving home, we were reflecting on why it was so rewarding and so much fun.

We expected spectacular scenery and plant life, and they were spectacular. We expected challenging terrain and weather, and they were challenging. We didn't expect such exceptional guides and that is why I am writing to you.

Tim is obviously a very experienced, capable and knowlegeable guide and I probably can't tell you anything you don't already know about him. He is a thorough professional. We always felt safe but challenged. I was impressed with his efforts in finding us interesting things to see and do in the Walls when the weather didn't allow us to visit the usual places. I also thought he handled the stop-over in Mole Creek due to flooding with a good combination of leadership and humour and it turned out to be a trip highlight!

So, the thing is, the environment we visited was every bit as spectacular, challenging and rewar ding as we had hoped for. What made this holiday exceptional was your wonderful guides.My son and I have thanked them, but we wanted to let you know as well.


Walls of Jerusalem - OPEN!


Walls OPEN

Guided Walls of Jerusalem Treks – OPEN FOR BUSINESS

After being closed for over 4 months in 2016, we are happy to say that our guided Walls Of Jerusalem 6 day treks are running as per usual. Tasmanian Expeditions has been granted permission by Forestry Tasmania to use an alternative access route to the Walls Of Jerusalem, however the general public still does not have road access. Our guided 6 day treks will operate as per normal, and have regular departures every fortnight until the end of May.

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Self-Guided Walls Of Jerusalem – Still closed

Unfortunately the Walls of Jerusalem national park is still closed to independent trekkers, and as such our self-guided treks are not currently operating. Please join our enewsletter or follow us on Facebook to stay updated as to when our self-guided treks will start running again.

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