Overland Track

Both Victor & Matt were extremely knowledgeable of the local area, the trail, the environment (plants & animals) as well as being good fun to spend time with. It was impressive that the food was fresh throughout the trip, deliciously cooked & it catered for vegetarian and gluten free diets within the group. Our bedding was warm & comfortable and we are already looking forward to returning to Tassie!


Escape on the South Coast Track


Escape it all on the rugged and remote South Coast Track

Originally an escape route for shipwrecked sailors, Tasmania’s iconic South Coast Track now serves as an escape route from the pace of modern life. Wild unspoilt landscapes, remote untouched beaches, rugged mountain ranges, pristine rivers, towering rainforests - this is untamed wilderness at its very best.

The trek, which follows Aboriginal trade and migration routes, is not for your casual day-tripper. Only fit and experienced walkers should consider setting foot on the famous South-West wilderness trail. With its location in the deep south, at what seems like the very edge of the world (feel the tingle of Antarctic air from the south, turn west into the roaring 40’s wind and the next land mass, to the east, is South America) inclement weather is part of the adventure, so a flexible attitude should also be packed.

Access to the South Coast Track begins with a spectacular flight from Hobart to the remote, hand-made airstrip at Melaleuca. This World Heritage listed hamlet was once home to the family of a legendary tin miner named Deny King, a man as rugged and inspiring as his surroundings.  You can visit the tin shack, which is slowly being reclaimed by the wilderness, from where he would drag up to 70 kilograms of tin - on his back - down the coast to meet the boats.

Luckily, your pack weight shouldn’t exceed more than 20 kilograms if you organise a trip that can cater for food drops and you should have the luxury of 9 days to complete the 80km trail. A generous amount of time should be allowed for inclement weather as well as rest days to swim or relax on the empty beaches, well, empty of people – not wildlife such as seals! There are also many side trip opportunities so if you are likely only to ever treat yourself to this area just once in your lifetime, ensure you do it right.

Along with history, wildlife is also in abundance along the South Coast Track. This wild setting is also home to a plethora of wildlife including wombats, pademelons, quolls and the rare orange-bellied parrot.

Mud, river crossings and wet feet are a given on this trek. Even your gaiters won’t do their job on certain sections but then this is the attraction for walkers who thrive in such remote regions. As you head east from Melaleuca along your traverse of the Ironbound ranges you’ll encounter pristine beaches, rivers frequently swollen with torrential rainfall and ascend several mountain ranges which climb well above sea level into alpine conditions – complete with snow at certain times of the year!

The South Coast Track is a challenging trek with long days, big packs and trying conditions. That’s what we love about it! The area truly stirs your soul and despite the hardships anyone who takes on this amazing adventure will come away completely inspired and re‑energised.


Experience it!

Trek the South Coast Track - 9 days, departs November - April