Franklin River

I was particularly impressed by the level of knowledge and professionalism exhibited by the river guides, Shaun and Anna. Whether it be tackling a difficult rapid, describing the fauna, flora and history of the area, preparing the campsite, producing amazing meals or subtly directing and supporting me in potentially dangerous situations, I always felt completely safe and comfortable.


The Walls of Jerusalem Experience

Discover a mountain landscape only accessible by foot and carved by glaciers on our exclusive walk in Tasmania's only true alpine National Park. On this walk, we use a comfortable base camp near the entrance to the Walls of Jerusalem peaks, allowing for delightful day walks with light packs into the heart of this spectacular mountain region. On the first day you will make the short hike up to the base camp, where you can leave your main packs for two days of exploration inside the 'Walls'. You'll have the chance to climb King David's Peak and Mt Jerusalem, from where views stretch across much of Tasmania, or venture to remote outer regions such as Golden Gate or Zion Vale. Each day, you return to the base camp, which is situated near a cluster of alpine tarns known as Solomons Jewels. Tents are pitched on wooden platforms, and your guides will prepare gourmet camp meals served with a wilderness view. Utilising the base camps, this trip is an ideal introduction to remote wilderness walking, providing a simple and rewarding camping experience.

Brief Itinerary

DAY 1 Transfer from Launceston to the Walls of Jerusalem National Park, trek to our base camp
DAY 2 Day walks including the summit of Mount Jerusalem
DAY 3 Day walks to Golden Gate and Zion Vale
DAY 4 Descend from the Walls & return to Launceston.

traveller reviews

Once up there, the scenery was spectacular and the walks chosen were a great mixture of challenge, relative ease and relative remote experience.

B. Bettington. Old Bar, NSW.

Trip Grading
Duration:  4 days
Activities:  Trekking with a Full Pack Walking
AU $1,395.00
Per Person

Ex Launceston

No local payments required

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