Franklin River

I was particularly impressed by the level of knowledge and professionalism exhibited by the river guides, Shaun and Anna. Whether it be tackling a difficult rapid, describing the fauna, flora and history of the area, preparing the campsite, producing amazing meals or subtly directing and supporting me in potentially dangerous situations, I always felt completely safe and comfortable.


Tarkine Experience

In the far north west of Tasmania lies an undefined region named The Tarkine. It offers almost 400,000 hectares of virgin wilderness, a vast swathe of rarely visited and primal rainforests, mountain ranges and isolated rivers. It is this mysterious and wild nature that draws you in to explore and gain a feeling for the Tarkine. This journey is an exploration of an ecosystem that has remained relatively unchanged since the days of Gondwana and will take you to the very heart of the Tarkine so you can gain a true appreciation for this special wilderness area. The six day itinerary features a series of spectacular day walks as well as a river cruise to the middle of the greatest cool temperate rainforest on earth. Staying in comfortable accommodation along the way ensures that we can enjoy the heritage and hospitality of Tasmania's remote north west wilderness. Join us to experience the enchantment and changing moods of this remote, ancient and untamed land.

Brief Itinerary

DAY 1 Travel from Launceston to Waratah and Philosphers Falls on the way
DAY 2 Explore Long Back Ridge and Whyte River Walks then drive to Corinna
DAY 3 Savage River Walk and Mount Donaldson, return to Corinna
DAY 4 River boat cruise down the Pieman River to the wild Tarkine coast
DAY 5 To Trial Harbour and the west coast, accommodation in Tullah
DAY 6 Walk Mount Farrel or Murchison and return to Launceston.

customer reviews

I travelled with Tasmanian Expeditions on the Tarkine and North West Coast trip in December 2011 and was extremely impressed with the professionalism & enthusiasm that the guides showed in all aspects of the tour. The food and accommodation was excellent and the beauty of this region of Tasmania was maximised by the itinerary which was well organised and gave us plenty of time to explore the pristine rainforest. This tour is ideal for anyone who enjoys travelling in small groups with knowledgable guides and you will definitely be well looked after!

global73 via Trip Advisor. Melbourne, Australia

Trip Grading
Duration:  6 days
Activities:  Walking
AU $1,995.00
Per Person

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