Cycling down the exhilarating Jacob's Ladder |  <i>Tourism Tasmania & Glenn Gibson</i> Kayaking in Coles Bay beneath the Hazards |  <i>Ashton Sayer</i> Trekkers carry a full pack on our Walls of Jerusalem self guided walks |  <i>Aran Price</i> Rafting on the Franklin River, Tasmania |  <i>Glenn Walker</i>

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Tasmanian Expeditions are trusted in wild places - and that’s exactly where we go.

A place like no other, Tasmania is truly an island of contrasts. Swathes of mountains, forests, rivers and pristine coastline beaches come together with vibrant cities and charming small towns rich in history, offering an amazingly varied experience. 

Tasmanian Expeditions offers active, responsible, memorable and experience-rich trips exploring the remote, rugged and iconic parts of our incredible island.

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